Destin Lowery

About Blair Owens

Destin Lowery has been selling Destin and the Emerald Coast for over 23 years!!! One of her Top Mentors, David Collins, who is now the  Broker/Owner of her new reality brokerage is a pioneer in the industry!!! She received her Real Estate license from him in August 1999. Destin always believed that Learning from the Best is key in Real Estate. Destin’s gives credit for her drive and love for Real Estate to her Father and Mother.  If you are looking to Buy or Sell in Destin or the Emerald Coast, Destin Lowery is your girl to connect with!!! As a team leader she believes she has instilled that same drive and excitement for the industry into her team (The Lyght Team).

If you are looking for a Referral agent on the Emerald Coast, rest assured, Destin and her team will go out of their way to take great care of your needs.  She is very diligent and will move mountains to get the job done for you. Destin is the Emerald Coast matchmaker. This hard working Boss graduated from Florida State University in 1997. Her degree is in Sociology, and she has a double minor is Communications and Psychology. Destin is very TEAM oriented. She will100% go full force to get anything you need and doesn’t like to take “NO” for an answer. Destin Lowery has mastered the art of problem solving and ALWAYS has a plan B, C, and D. In 2012 she was featured in her very first TV show on HGTV’s House Hunters. This very driven powerhouse Realtor had 8 more shows to follow. Her passion is walking into a room and helping clients with a vision to put their own stamp on a property. Renovating is a deep passion and vision she has. Her eye for home design and style has helped sell the homes of many who have listed with her. You may also recognize Destin from the show “Where are they Now” on HGTV.  (You can view on you tube mini clips of Destin Sells Destin) Destin can help you Buy, Sell, Remodel, or Build. Looking for Commercial or Preconstruction?  Look No Further!!! This girl knows the market. Her and her very driven team will be your Destin Connection to the Emerald Coast. They always go the extra mile.  it’s who they are and They Love what they do!!! Ms Lowery says, “It’s never been easy but, I learned from The Best (Susie Kirkland) who will always be the most Amazing Mentor!!!” Destin also believe that Life is a journey. You learn something every day. Taking something positive from the journey and the lessons are what mold us into Greatness! Her journey has never been alone.  Destin recently partnered with her Best Friend (Mary Cornelison) because, together the knew they had different talents that caused a very uncommon but very powerful business union. Their favorite saying is, “We might not have it together, but together we have it all.” Destin and her wisdom knew that being a one woman show would never be enough. She believes that It takes teamwork to make the dream work. The Dynamic Duo each have strong talents and if one is weaker in an area in life, the other picks it up because that’s where she is strong. Together, they formed the LYGHT team and these Boots to the Ground Bosses are on fire and Unstoppable. Destin and Mary founded a 501 c3 Nonprofit called YouShine. They are philanthropists who leverage their connections in Real Estate to create alliances in the community to help those who are facing adversity and in need. Destin says, “It’s not about making commissions, is about changing lives! That is why we are The LYGHT Team!” This strong tower realtor and her team are here for you and you won’t be disappointed. 
On a side note, Destin loves Animals, Family, and Friends. She’s known to always put God first and believes in what’s meant to be will always be.  

(850) 225-5009